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Advantages to Buying Off-plan

Have you ever thought of the many advantages to buying your property off plan?

Get more for your money ……..

When you have decided to invest in property or buy your dream home, buying off plan gives you the opportunity to secure the deal at today’s price. Prices in Kefalonia have risen in recent years and bearing this in mind, by the time the property has been completed, it may quite likely have risen in value giving you more value for money than you initially paid for.

Be up to date ……..

When you buy off-plan you can be assured that your property is built using the latest building techniques and most up to date building materials.

Buying for investment ……..

If you are looking to rent out your property, most clients want a modern new property to stay in. If you have a swimming pool your rental income will be much higher. You can have all this by buying off plan, giving you the opportunity to maximize your return on your investment.

Buy now, pay later ………

Buying off plan through the A.E.C. Group creates easy budgeting. We offer stage payments throughout the building process making large one-off payments unnecessary. You will have a full schedule of payments from the start of the project.

Choice ………

Buying off plan gives you a chance to be one of the first to choose which plot of land you prefer according to your requirements. You will also have a great choice of fixture, fittings etc.

Peace of mind ……..

By buying an off plan property from a highly regarded company like the A.E.C. Group, you can have complete peace of mind throughout the buying process. We have been developing for years and have an outstanding reputation for reliability, quality and customer service.

Customer service ……….

Having purchased your off plan property through the A.E.C. Group you will have received an accurate payment plan as well as a full listing of what is included in the price. Throughout the building process we keep in close contact with you and you will receive regular photos enabling you to follow the progress, giving you the feel of being close to the action.