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Customer Feedback







Having purchased a plot of land in May 2004, we were introduced to the people at A.E.C.: George, Panagis and Aris, and subsequently began a business relationship, which has also turned into what will be for us, a lifelong friendship.

From the first meeting, it was clear to us that this team of people were not merely interested in making money, but was more concerned with helping us to realise our dream - building a home in Cephalonia.
After our initial meeting, George and Aris came up with numerous types of design of house, which was best suited to our needs, and also the layout of the land.


During the course of the following few weeks, we were able (with the help of e mail) to have an enormous amount of input into the actual design of the villa. Under the guidance of, and with a great deal of help from A.E.C., (and can we add that this was both thoroughly enjoyable and stress free) we finally agreed everything, and the process of applying for the building permit began. This took no time at all, and on the 15th Sept 2004, 'Villa Moli' began to become a reality.

Panagis then became our main contact and liaison through e mail and we began to receive the 1st photos of what turned out to be hundreds of every detail of the build. We travelled out in October 2004, to choose all the finishes (bathrooms, kitchens, tiles, windows, shutters etc), and yet again, this trip was both enjoyable and completely stress free.We continued to receive photos, sometimes several times per week, and saw the villa taking shape with great speed.


May we just add at this point that if there was an issue regarding the detail of a particular item, Panagis made sure that we were 100% happy with everything, before the team continued. Believe it or not, on more than one occasion during the early stages of the build, we had to really pester George to accept some monies from us, as he was more concerned that we were happy with everything (How refreshing would this attitude be in the UK????).?

After only 5 months (a full month ahead of schedule), 'Villa Moli' was completed, we shipped our container of furniture over to Cephalonia, and moved in at the end of February 2005. Again, we were not left to our own devices, and were helped enormously by everyone at A.E.C.


 We also got to know another crucial member of the team, Fotis the supervisor of all the works, during the process of moving in, as yet again, nothing was too much trouble for him and his workers. If we had any problem, however minor, it was sorted instantly (our homemade cake also kept everyone going during this busy week!!!).


I run a building contracting company in the UK, employing over 120 people, and can honestly say that my workforce and employees can learn an awful lot from the team at A.E.C., and the way in which they conduct their business. A process which you would expect to be fraught with stress and hassle, has turned out to be such an enjoyable experience, and totally stress free, thanks to the professionalism and kindness with which everyone at AEC treated us.

We would like to personally thank our new friends: George, Panagis, Aris, Fotis and all the rest of the A.E.C. team for turning our dreams into reality, and it is without hesitation, that I would recommend them 100% to anyone who is planning a similar venture. (We have actually started to look for our next piece of land for A.E.C. to develop).


Best Wishes

Paul, Angela & Moli Zhang Wen Hitchen