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Malcolm and Angela Pugh   2007 – 07 – 03   Villa Santolina, Simotata, Kefalonia


“It was all quite simple really. Over the last 30 years or so the family had been holidaying in mainland Greece and the Greek Islands. We liked the simple way of life, loved the food and found the Greeks to be extremely friendly and hospitable.


On approaching retirement in 2005 we came to Kefalonia on holiday and immediately fell in love with the place. After another visit we found land overlooking the beautiful Lourdas Bay and shortly afterwards we were introduced to the team at A.E.C.


They listened intently to our design brief and fully understood time scales and budgets. Within a couple of months we had agreed a design and then we went back out to Kefalonia to choose colours, tiles, railings, kitchen equipment, bathrooms, swimming pool designs and a hundred and one other things that needed decisions to be made. All this enabled them to get on with the build very quickly and efficiently and no time was wasted once they got started.


During the whole time, Panagis, as the communications executive of the A.E.C. Group kept us fully informed on where we stood with the budget and where we could save money in order to pay a bit extra for something else. In the end we knew where each cupboard, plug, etc. was going to be and the colour of every wall and floor paint and tile. When everything was agreed Panagis came up with the final budget figure stating that unless we changed our mind on anything he would ensure our beautiful home would not cost us a cent more!


Construction began in September 2006 and finished in March 2007. Each week via email we were kept fully informed how the build was progressing and the highlight of the week was receiving the photos that showed so clearly each stage of construction. Any small problems were all resolved via email or over the odd telephone call.


True to his word we moved in plus two dogs and two cats on March 24th 2007. It all seemed too simple when you so often read or see on TV the horror stories when building in the sun, but all that was due to the professional way in which the A.E.C. Group went about their business. They listen and endeavour to understand exactly what the client wants. They obviously understand the construction industry and the building requirements for an earthquake area. Above all, they continually communicate with the client and strive for perfection.


The whole A.E.C. Group team and indeed our lawyer have been friendly, flexible, accommodating and thoroughly professional.


We would have no hesitation in commending the A.E.C. Group to anyone so please feel free to contact us via our email found in www.homeaway.co.uk Villa Santolina (Property number 69629). We are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have”.