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Customer Feedback







AEC built my villa Korianna House in the early part of 2010. I made contact with them initially after finding a half-built, abandoned house with their sign outside. It turned out they'd bought it from someone who'd started to build and then moved away from the island a few years ago. I paid a deposit in late Dec and flew out to the island to choose fixtures and fittings with Panagis Tzivras. Panagis led me expertly through the bewildering number of choices I had to make (in just three days!) and his attention to detail was immaculate. Everything we discussed was captured and agreed.

I flew back to England and the building began! I received weekly updates on progress and photos from Panagis, which were always very exciting to receive and it was greatly reassuring to know that things were moving on speedily in my absence. During the build Panagis was always quick to answer any questions I had (which were numerous!) and also, he regularly consulted me on points as they came up - he said that rather than presume he'd prefer I got to make every single decision, no matter how small.

I made one more interim visit at Easter which was exciting as so much had been done and I could start to see the finished villa coming together. At that time Panagis arranged for me to choose light fittings in order for AEC to install these in advance of completion.

From the outset Panagis assured me the villa would be completed by the end of May and sure enough, it was actually finished a few days early. And not only that, but AEC then arranged for a removals team to meet and transfer the contents of a container-full of furniture that I'd shipped out from the UK into the house. So when I arrived at the end of May (just five months after they started work) the villa was finished, clean and full of my furniture. It couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Everyone I've met from AEC has been charming, professional and highly effective. The quality of the building is impressive, the standard of finish high. But what is most impressive is how much care and effort they put in to looking after you. Panagis has gone far and beyond what you would expect, helping with lots of little things like getting a telephone line installed and helping me at the bank with paperwork. Since I've taken possession, there have been a few snagging issues as you would expect but they have been fixed usually on the very day I let Panagis know.

My villa is beautiful and it is great knowing that AEC feel as proud of it as I do. It has been a fantastic team effort!

Korianna House is now available for rent. For more information please visit www.koriannahouse.com

Margot Raggett, July 2010